About the Planning Section

DCRM’s Planning section aims to preserve and enhance the CNMI’s diverse coastal resources and their sustainable use through special projects and targeted management strategies.  As detailed in Section 309 of the Coastal Zone Management Act, our focus areas address:

  • Wetlands: Where are the CNMI’s wetlands? How healthy are they and how much are they worth?
  • Public Access: Can CNMI residents and visitors enjoy coastal areas?
  • Coastal Hazards: What would happen to our communities during a typhoon, flood, or earthquake? Are we prepared?
  • Cumulative and Secondary Impacts: What are the long-term or indirect impacts a project might have on coastal resources? How can we solve a problem that is caused by many different activities?
  • Marine Debris: How can we clean up our beaches, forests, reefs, and roads?
  • Special Area Management: How can we best protect our natural, cultural, historic, and economic resources? All at the same time?