DCRM Regulations

Index of Regulations

The following is an index of CRM regulations: CNMI Administrative Code Title 15. To access the regulations, please click on the hyperlinks below.

DCRM Regulations: CNMI Administrative Code Title 15-10


DCRM Regulations: CNMI Administrative Code Title 15-20

Regulation # Description
Part 001 General Provisions
Part 100 CRM Permit Requirement
Part 200 CRM Permit Process
Part 300 Standards For CRM Permit Issuance
Part 400 Standards For APC Creation and Modification
Part 500 Standards For Determining A Major Siting
Part 600 CRM Permit Conditions
Part 700 CRM Permit Amendment
Part 800 Enforcement of CRM Permits
Part 900 Enforcement of CRM Standards and Policies
Part 1000 Public Information and Education
Part 1100 CRM Coastal Advisory Council
Part 1200 CRM Public Records
Part 1300 CRM Access To Records
Part 1400 Computation of Time
Part 1500 Federal Consistency
Part 1600 Water Sports Permits
Part 1700 Miscellaneous Provisions