Shoreline Monitoring

The beaches of the CNMI are vital coastal resources for economy, ecology, and recreation. Influenced by currents, wind patterns, and wave energy, shorelines are experiencing erosion (sediment loss) or accretion (sediment gain). Others appear stable. Particular beaches, such as American Memorial Park, are noticeably abraded by strong storm events and subjected to long-term erosion. The loss of shoreline increases the vulnerability of near-shore infrastructure and communities to coastal hazards. DCRM’s Shoreline Monitoring Program studies the state of CNMI shorelines to better inform coastal planning.

Since 2016, DCRM’s Shoreline Monitoring program surveys 17 beaches on Saipan, 9 beach transects on Mañagaha, 2 beaches on Tinian, and 4 beaches on Rota. The team uses the Berger surveying method to identify, measure, and track changes within these sites. Through taking bi-annually beach profiles all of our target sites, we can gain a better understanding of our changing shorelines and address shoreline erosion.

To learn about our work on our dynamic shorelines, view our Shoreline Monitoring Program Story Map and visit the Shoreline Publications page.

  • Transect at American Memorial Park. (AMP S-0)

If you are interested in volunteering or learning about shoreline monitoring, please contact the Shoreline Monitoring lead, Mary, at