Shoreline Monitoring

Ongoing beach profile data allows us to measure changes in Saipan’s western shoreline over time. It allows us to collect data and map areas that are stable and areas that are dynamic. Bi-annual beach profile surveys are underway for 17 beaches on Saipan, 5 beach transects on Managaha, 2 beaches on Tinian, and 4 beaches on Rota. GIS is being used to further assist ongoing analysis of climate change and coastal hazard impacts in the CNMI. This will include continued analysis of wave energy reduction in the Saipan Lagoon under different climate scenarios, and incorporation of new shoreline monitoring data from DCRM’s Planning section into the BECQ Climate & Hazards Web Viewer. This information will help understand and respond to changing shorelines over time.

Please visit our Shoreline Change project page to learn more.