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 06/22/2018: Amendments to the Mariana Archipelago Fishery Ecosystem Plan (National Marine Fisheries Service) Notice of Federal Consistency Review Public Comments Requested  N/A   N/A
* NMIAC § 15-10-215: The DCRM Director and the CRM Agency Officials shall have sixty days following certification of completion of application to grant or deny a major siting permit.


Upcoming Meetings and Events

  • 8:30 am 10:30 am, August 22, 2018Watershed Working Group

    The Watershed Working Group (WWG) is a partnership between local and federal government agencies, environmental non-profits and other concerned groups or individual, which gathers to share updates, provide technical expertise and support watershed initiatives in the CNMI. The group typically meets every two months to share presentations, discuss ongoing projects and request review or recommendations on specific issues.

  • N/A, August 25, 2018Laolao Bay Watershed Re-vegetation and Hike

    Join us to learn about Laolao Bay, a priority watershed in CNMI. We will be hiking with knowledgeable staff on hand who can expand your knowledge of the terrestrial and connected marine systems we will be observing. We will also engage in some re-vegetation to help reduce and control nonpoint source pollution before it enters the receiving waters of Laolao Bay. Additional details will be posted closer to the date, so please check back soon!

  • 8:00 am 10:00 am, September 1, 2018BECQ Beach Cleanup

    On the first Saturday of every month BECQ leads a beach cleanup. Cleanup locations are announced in advance of the event - please contact Joe Kaipat at <> if you would like to be added to the Cleanup Brigade mailing list, or check back for location updates closer to the date!

  • N/A, September 3, 2018Splash Art Contest Showcase

    Art made from marine debris can make a big splash in terms of spreading awareness about the global challenge of controlling land and ocean based sources of pollution. Stay tuned for more information on the Splash Art contest - creative creations will be showcased on September 3, 2018.

  • N/A, September 7, 2018Tanapag Raingarden Revitalization

    As the school year kicks off it is a great time to show existing rain gardens a little love.

    Rain gardens help capture stormwater, reducing risks of flooding, in addition to providing ecosystem services. For these reasons they are considered a "Best Management Practice". But, they also need to be maintained! This event will focus on revitalizing the existing rain garden at Tanapag Middle School with our partners at PSS and at Tanapag.

    More details coming soon regarding this rain garden revitalization work party!