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Division of Coastal Resources Management
3rd Floor, Gualo Rai Center
Chalan Pale Arnold
P.O. Box 501304
Saipan, MP 96950

Front Desk: (670) 664-8300
Fax: (670) 664-8315

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Contact DCRM Staff

Administrative Section
Richard V. Salas Acting Director
Leila R. Deleon Guerrero Federal Programs Manager
Anne D. Navarrete Administrative Officer II
Mardy F. Reyes Administrative Officer I
Permit Section
Sam Sablan Permitting & Compliance Chief
Amy Sanchez Permit Analyst
Jovahna Taitingfong Permit Assistant I
Enforcement Section
Tehani S. Kirby Enforcement Officer II
Atdao I. Rosario Enforcement Officer
Julius P. Reyes Enforcement Officer
Coastal Coordinators
William T. Pendergrass Rota Coastal Coordinator
Edwin M. Hofschneider Tinian Coastal Coordinator
Planning Section
Arthur Charfauros Coastal Resources Planner III
Robert Deleon Guerrero Coastal Resources Planner II
Mary Fem Urena Coastal Resources Planner I
Seamus Harrison GIS Specialist
Colleen Flores Communications Specialist
Coral Reef Initiative (CRI)
Rodney Camacho Lead Biologist
Denise Perez Marine Scientific & Technical Advisor
John Iguel Marine Biologist Technician
Marlyn Naputi Communications Coordinator
Zachary Williams Watershed Coordinator
Ilan Bubb NOAA Coastal Management Fellow
Kylie Hasegawa Coral Restoration Specialist
Pheona David Coral Restoration Technician
Jordan Suel Coral Restoration Technician