CRM Agency Board

The CRM BOARD – Agency Officials & Representatives

The Coastal Resources Management Agency Board is established by the Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas Islands’ Coastal Resources Management Act (Public Law 3-47, 2 CMC §§ 1501 et seq.), and is comprised of the leaders of CNMI resource management agencies. Together the CRM Agency Officials form the Agency Board to support the Division of Coastal Resource Management’s mission to balance wise use and protection of coastal resources by:

  1. Convening to administer CRM permit decisions;
  2. Providing guidance and feedback to DCRM; and
  3. Working with DCRM to update and adopt regulations and policies as needed to support DCRM’s mission.

Department of Commerce
Edward M. Deleon Guerrero, Secretary
Capital Hill, Saipan
Telephone No. (670) 664-3000/50
Fax No. (670) 664-3067
Representative: Jesus Taisague

Division of Environmental Quality (DEQ)
Zabrina Shai Cruz, Director
Gualo Rai Center, Saipan
Telephone No. (670) 664-8500
Fax No. (670) 664-8540
Representative: Merrill Ayuyu

Department of Lands & Natural Resources (DLNR)
Anthony T. Benavente, Secretary
Lower Base, Saipan
Telephone No. (670)322-9834
Fax No. (670) 322-2633
Representative: Gus Kaipat

Department of Public Works (DPW)
James A. Ada, Secretary
Oleai Center, Beach Road, Saipan
Telephone No. (670) 234-9828
Fax No. (670) 234-6346
Representative: Edwin Tmarsel

Commonwealth Utilities Corporation (CUC)
Gary P. Camacho, Executive Director
Joeten Dandan Building, Saipan
Telephone No. (670) 664-6164
Fax No. (670) 664-6169
Representative: Yvonne Ogumoro

Historic Preservation Office (HPO)
Rita Chong-Dela Cruz, State Historic Preservation Officer 
Lower Miha House No. A16, Saipan
Telephone No. (670) 664-2120/1
Fax No. (670) 664-2139
Representative: Juan Diego Palacios

Division of Coastal Resources Management (DCRM) – CRM Agency Board Chair
Richard V. Salas, Director
Gualo Rai Center, Saipan
Phone: (670) 664-8300
Fax: (670) 664-8315