Permitted Projects and Enforcement Areas

DCRM’s Enforcement Team monitors permitted projects and areas. A map of enforcement monitoring areas is shown below. Click on the map to navigate to the online dashboard system we use to track projects and share project information, including permitting and enforcement status where this information is available.Click on the image above to view the Enforcement Webapp

Enforcement Action log 2020

Reporting Period 10/01/2019 – 9/30/2020

Dive Marianas Corp. Grotto / Area 510/04/2019Unpermitted Operation / Expired permit.WARNING Citation 1068Pending New Permit1910001
Globe CorporationGrotto / Area 510/04/2019Unpermitted OperationWARNING Citation 1067Pending new permit1910002
Pacific Palace, LLCGrotto / Area 510/04/2019Unpermitted OperationWARNING Citation 1069 Pending new permit1910003
Blue & BlueGrotto / Area 510/04/2019Unpermitted OperationWARNING Citation 1070Pending new permit1910004
Saipan Golden BridgeGrotto / Area 510/04/2019Failure to produce permit cardWARNING Citation 1071Monitoring1910005
SSCH-2016-X-063 AGAPEGualo Rai / Area 210/18/2019
Permit Violation - Holding debris on siteWARNING - NOV
2nd WARNING - Field Citation
In progress1910006
SMS-2015-X-029 IPIGarapan / Area 210/23/2019Permit Violation - Wastewater discharged from siteEnforcement Notice - Cease & Desist w/Fine11/25 Deadline for compliance 1910007
SMS-2018-X-20 American SinopanArea 510/23/2019N/ANo ActionField Inspection1910008
SMS-2017-X-055 SGIGArea 510/23/2019N/ANo ActionField Inspection1910009
BEN & KI MSOGarapan / Area 211/12/2019Unpermitted MSOWARNING Citation 1013Pending New Permit1911001