Permitted Projects and Enforcement Areas

DCRM’s Enforcement Team monitors permitted projects and areas. A map of enforcement monitoring areas is shown below. Click on the map to navigate to the online dashboard system we use to track projects and share project information, including permitting and enforcement status where this information is available.

Enforcement Action log 2019

Reporting Period 10/01/2018 – 9/30/2019

Company/Individual/Permit No.Location / Enforcement AreaDate of Last ActionViolation DiscriptionEnforcement Action TakenCurrent Enforcement StatusEnforcement ID Tracking No.
Castle Project (CNMI), LLCTanapag / Area 54/16/2019Failure to Comply with AgreementRefered for Civil ActionPENDING Submitted to AG's Office1612003/1701006
Forson Holdings (CNMI), LLCTanapag / Area 54/16/2019Failure to Comply with AgreementRefered for Civil ActionPENDING Submitted to AG's Office1702003
MANBAO SMS-2018-X-016Lot No. 094D01 / Area 21/10/2018Failure to Comply with AgreementRefered for Civil Action 1/16/20181/23/2019-Civil Action Resolved by Stipulated Resolution Agreement.1612004/1801004
Let's Go Marine SLR-2018-X-102Area 69/26/2018No ViolationField Inspection - No actionIn Compliance1810001
SGIG SMS-2017-X-055Tanapag / Area 510/1/2018No ViolationField Inspection - No actionIn Compliance1810002
American Sinopan SMS-2018-X-020Tanapag / Area 510/1/2018Vegetative Buffer IntrusionEnforcement Notice - $40;000 Fine (Hearing Fine reduced to $15K - Paid 11/27/18)In Compliance1810003
Ocean Vista Resort SMS-2015-X-010Capitol Hill / Area 410/2/2018No ViolationField Inspection - No actionIn Compliance1810004
Honest Profit SMS-2014-X-066San Antonio / Area110/3/2018Holding of Construction Debris on siteUnder investigationPending1810005
ISA VILLAS SMS-2017-X-111Capitol Hill / Area 410/5/2018Unpermitted Stormwater DischargeWARNING 10/9/2018In Compliance1810006
Gualo Rai Townhouses SMS-2018-X-017Gualo Rai / Area 210/16/2018Unpermitted Stormwater DischargeUnder investigationPending1810008
IPI - SMS-2015-X-029Garapan / Area 21/4/2019Business complaintInvestigation ClosedIn Compliance1901001
Onwel Factory SMS-1996-X-302Susupe / Area 23/15/2019Storm Debris from old FactoryInvestigation ClosedIn Conpliance1901002
IPI - SMS-2015-X-029Garapan / Area 21/10/2019No ViolationField Inspection - Followup 1/23In Compliance Monitoring1901003
UNK/UNPERMITTEDJeffrey's Beach / Area 41/15/2019Driving in stream/beachNo ActionOne time Event1901004
Henry Miao/UNPERMITTEDGarapan / Area 21/16/2019Unpermitted Hotel ConstructionField Citation 1006 Cease & DesistIn Violation (Pending)1901005
UNK/UNPERMITTEDChalan Kanoa / Area 11/17/2019Unpermitted disposal used oilUnder investigationMonitoring (No further occurance)1901006
UNK/UNPERMITTEDSan Antonio / Area12/6/2019Unpermitted Land ClearingUnder investigation (CLOSED)In Compliance Monitoring1902001
Capital Wonderland SMS-2018-X-051Capitol Hill / Area 42/14/2019Permit Violation Condition C;FField Citation 1053 Cease & DesistMonitoring1902002
Qi Weishi (Steven)Grotto / Area 52/28/2019Operating without a PermitField Citation 1054 Cease & DesistMonitoring1903001
Bridge Investment Group (BIG) TMS-2017-X-067TINIAN3/13/2019Permit ViolationsField Citation 1102-Cease & Desist; 1103; 1104;Monitoring1903003
American Sinopan SMS-2018-X-020Tanapag / Area 54/4/2019Routine InspectionNo ActionIn Compliance Monitoring1904001
Saipan Globe International Group SMS-2017-X-055Tanapag / Area 54/4/2019Routine InspectionNo ActionIn Compliance Monitoring1904002
GPPC / Land LevelingGualo Rai / Area 24/4/2019Unpermitted Quarry OperationInvestigationIn Compliance Monitoring1904003
Crystal Star Corp SLR-2018-X-107South Lagoon / Area 64/8/2019Email Complaint; litering; damaging coralField InvestigationIn Compliance Monitoring1904004
Shngrui Investment Development 2018 Com 146San Vicente / Area 34/23/2019One Start Permit not avaible on site; erosion control not in place.Turned over to DEQ W&ECContinued Monitoring1904005
UNPERMITTED / R. S. NoritaLower Base / Area 54/23/2019Vehicle driven on beach; into lagoonInvestigationVehicle removed from lagoon1904006
Royal View Hotel SMS-2018-X-011Garapan / Area 25/7/2019Compliant filed by adjacent propertySite InspectionIn Compliance Monitoring1905001
Oil Spill UnpermittedArea 25/3/2019Cooking Oil Spill IncidentNo Action; Site cleanedN/A1905002
UnpermittedCow Town / Area 55/3/2019Unpermitted Oil Drum StorageInvestigation / DEQ NotifiedPending / Monitoring Site1905003
HPIL SMS-2015-X-066San Antonio / Area15/15/2019Permit ExpiredWARNING 5/7/2019In Compliance / Monitoring Site1905004
AGAPE SS/CH-2016-X-063Gualo Rai / Area 25/15/2019Stream/Drainage BufferWARNING 5/7/2019In Compliance / Monitoring Site1905005
Pacific RimLower Base / Area 56/3/2019Mixed Debris along shorelineInvestigation / No Action RequiredIn Compliance / Monitoring Site1906001
Sandy Beach HomesGarapan / Area 26/4/2019Use of Heavy Equip on BeachWARNING Citation 1007Cease & Desist Order / Monitoring1906002
Unpermitted / JambalayaOuter Cove / Area 26/4/2019Drydock permit expiredWARNING Citation 1251Cease & Desist Order / Monitoring1906003
Isa Villas / SMS-2017-X-111Capitol Hill / Area 46/6/2019N/AField InspectionIn Compliance / Monitoring Site1906004
New Century Hotel / SMS-2019-X-001Tanapag / Area 56/11/2019N/AField InspectionIn Compliance / Monitoring Site1906005
GM1 / SLR-2019-X-033Micro Beach Lagoon Area 66/12/2019N/A (Vessel Removal)Field InspectionInCompliance / Monitoring Site1906006
UnpermittedArea16/13/2019Auto Repair & PaintingInvestigationOutside CRM Jurisdiction / DEQ1906007
Jambalaya / SPI-2019-X-025Area 26/4/2019Expired permitCEASEand DESIST Citation 1251Monitoring1906008
DFS / SMS-90-X-46Garapan / Area 26/20/2019N/AField InspectionIn Compliance / Monitoring Site1906009
World Resort / UnpermittedSusupe / Area 26/24/2019Beach Vegetation ClearingWARNING Citation 1252In Compliance / Monitoring Site1906010
China Town / UnpermittedChina Town / Area 26/24/2019Over flowing trash into stormdrainNo Action; Site cleanedN/A1906011
World Resort/SMS-2004-X-121Susupe / Area 26/27/2019Oversized swim zoneWARNING 7/3/19Enforcement Hearing Requested by Permit holder.1906012
Town HouseSusupe / Area 26/27/2019Unpermitted staging/dumpingField Citation 1008 / 1009In Compliance / Monitoring Site1906013
Mayor's OfficeGarapan / Area 27/2/2019N/ANo Action; Site InspectionProject completed1907001
Surf Rider Hotel/SMS-98-X-020Area 27/3/2019Storage; Oil/PetroleumWARNING Citation 1010In Compliance1907002
Unpermitted MSOArea 67/18/2019Operating without a PermitCitation 1057Pending new permit1907003
Unpermitted MSOArea 67/18/2019Operating without a PermitCitation 1058Pending new permit1907004
SGIG SMS-2017-X-055San Roque / Area 57/22/2019No wash station for trucks leaving siteCitation 1059In Compliance1907005
Ji Li / SLRm-2017-X-089Grotto / Area 57/29/2019Expired permitCitation 1060Permit Renewal1907006
Gold Fish ToursGrotto / Area 57/29/2019Operating without a PermitCitation 1061Pending new permit1908001
Yes ToursGrotto / Area 57/29/2019Operating without a PermitCitation 1062Pending new permit1908002
Globe Corp/SLR-2019-X-019Grotto / Area 57/29/2019Expired permitCitation 1063Pending Renwal1908003
UnpermittedArea 58/8/2019Illegal DumpingInvestigationReported to DEQ for Action1908004
LTT TourGrotto / Area 58/9/2019Operating without a PermitCitation 1066Pending new permit1908005
Eagle ToursGrotto / Area 58/9/2019Operating without a PermitCitation 1065Pending new permit1908006
Royal View Hotel SMS-2018-X-011Garapan / Area 28/21/2019Permit Violation Failure to ComplyEnforcement Notice - $500 FineIn Compliance Fine Paid1908007
New Sara Market FarmArea 48/21/2019Unpermitted pump in streamVerbal Warning to remove pumpPending1908008
Proper Grand SMS-2017-X-010Area 28/21/2019Condition J; failure to amend.WARNING - NOVPending - mitigation1908009
HPIL SMS-2015-X-066San Antonio / Area18/29/2019Permit condition E and MWARNING - NOV (1909001)Field Inspection action pending1908010
HPIL SMS-2015-X-066San Antonio / Area19/6/2019Permit ViolationWARNING - NOV9/13 Deadline for compliance1909001
UNPERMITTEDSan Jose / Area 29/12/2019Operating without a permitNo ActionNo Permit Required1909002
SPI-2017-X-001 TANO GROUPPuerto Rico / Area 59/12/2019Permit ViolationWARNING - NOV9/23 Deadline for compliance1909003
Siapan SURFRIDER, LLC SMS-98-X-121Area 29/24/2019Permit ViolationEnforcement Notice - $2,500 fine10/22 Deadline for compliance1909004 (1907002)