Shoreline Change

To better understand and anticipate where and how fast our beaches are growing and shrinking, DCRM has developed a shoreline monitoring program. The study area in Saipan extends from Pakpak Beach in San Antonio to Wing Beach in Marpi and as well as all the way around Managaha. Tinian and Rota’s sandy beaches are also included in this study. Using a combination of survey equipment and aerial imagery, technicians can measure and track areas of accretion (sediment gain) and erosion (sediment loss) over time.

Changes in wind patterns, waves, currents, and sources of sand are the main drivers of shoreline change. In the CNMI, strong typhoons often lead to abrupt changes in the shape of shorelines. You can learn more about where and how we monitor shoreline change with our Shoreline Monitoring Program Story Map. Access more relevant publications on our resources page here.

  • Transect at American Memorial Park. (AMP S-0)